CIOOS Annual Report 2021-022

This second annual report outlines CIOOS’s growth and accomplishments of the past year, 2021-22. CIOOS has made notable progress, as demonstrated by the launch of the inaugural CIOOS Strategic Plan (2021-2026). The Strategic Plan outlines our ambitious vision to become the nucleus for ocean observing in Canada, led by four key themes: partnerships, data, tools, and ocean modelling. 

The long-term success of CIOOS will be determined by its ability not only to integrate data, but to transform data into information and, in turn, create knowledge. We will continue to leverage momentum from our national and international partners and strive to become ever more relevant for a multidisciplinary user community. As our disciplinary scope broadens, we will remain open and responsive to emerging needs, projects and opportunities including, but not limited to, the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. 

Read more about CIOOS successes, developments, and updates from across the country in the report. We hope that you share our excitement as we grow and work towards a sustainable ocean future.