Bringing together all of Canada’s coastal and ocean data

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CIOOS works across the nation and across sectors to unite the knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure of Canada’s ocean observing community.

The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) is an open-access platform designed for sharing relevant and high-quality data and information on the state of our oceans. This nationally coordinated system brings together partners in the Pacific, St. Lawrence, and Atlantic regions. Regional Associations actively support coastal and ocean science and management as well as promote collaborative opportunities among ocean sectors across Canada. CIOOS responds to user needs enabling them to share, discover, access, visualize, and download data.

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CIOOS is composed of three Regional Associations

Each Regional Association is closely connected to the needs of regional partners, which influences the orientation of CIOOS as a national system. CIOOS regions have pooled talent, resources, experiences and efforts to create this national ocean observing system for the benefit of all Canadians.

CIOOS Pacific

CIOOS Pacific is focused on ocean data from Canada’s West Coast.

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St. Lawrence Global Observatory

SLGO integrates multidisciplinary data and information about the St. Lawrence’s global system, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf.

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CIOOS Atlantic

CIOOS Atlantic is focused on the integration of oceanographic data from the Atlantic seaboard, a region spanning from Labrador to the USA.

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